Suhail Cosmetics B.V.

Suhail Cosmetics B.V. is an international renowned wholesaler, distributor, im-exporter in Hair Care products.
The company is founded in 1989 and based in Hoofddorp, 10-minutes away from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands.
With 3 decades of experience in the Ethnic Hair Care industry, Suhail Cosmetics is well known for its service and expertise, partly due to its business network including direct contacts with manufacturers and end users.




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Bedrijfsnaam Suhail Cosmetics B.V.
Adres Willem Brocadesdreef 2
  2132 PV Hoofddorp

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Tel-nr. +31(0) 23 554 23 23


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Over De President

Bedrijvenpark De President is gelegen in de gemeente Haarlemmermeer, ten zuiden van Hoofddorp. In 2008 is de Vereniging Parkmanagement Bedrijvenpark De President opgericht met een vertegenwoordiging vanuit de gevestigde bedrijven.

De President

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